WEEE Directive

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”)

Did you know that the UK general public dispose of over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste every year?

The goal of the WEEE directive is to ensure the efficient collection and recycling of electronic equipment at the end of it's useful life. Moving forward, there will be greater emphasis on the design stage of a product with the aim of easier, safer recycling at end-of-life, resulting in cleaner waste and the useful repurposing of materials valuable to electronics manufacture.

It is estimated that landfill space in the UK will run out within the next ten years.

Our role in this directive is to offer proper disposal of waste materials through the approriate channels, so you don't have to. Spent electronics can be sent to our Headquarters for responsible disposal by us.

What you can do:

Household WEEE

Members of the public who use Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“EEE”) and discard it as waste have no legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations. However, as a private householder who uses EEE, the WEEE Regulations encourage you to play your part in the separate disposal of WEEE when you discard it as waste. EEE will be marked to help remind you to discard it separately from other household waste.