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5A / 15A / 30A Consumer Unit Fuse Wire Card Set

These Electrical Fuse Wire Cards from Zexum contain fuse wire rated 5A, 15A & 30A for general purpose use in lighting circuits, kettle, small heaters, water heaters etc. Ideal for fixes and an essential in any electrician or DIY toolkit. 

Main Features:
Mixed pack of fuse wire
Short easy to manage lengths 
Rated 5A, 15A & 30A wires

Note: Before renewing a fuse make sure that the main switch is off. Remove all portions of the blown fuse. Care should be taken to see that the fuse wire used for branch circuits is smaller than that in the main fuses. If after replacing a fuse it blows again contact a qualified electrician.

Consumer Unit Distribution Board Fuse 240V Link

These Zexum HRC Fuse Box Consumer Unit Fuses are suitable for the protection of domestic distribution systems.

These fuses have been approved to BS1361 standards.

Technical Specification:
Fuse Type: HRC
Voltage Rating: 240 V ac, 240V ac
IR: 16.5kA
High Rupture Capacity: Yes

Dimension Specification:
5A (White colour code): 5.35x23mm
15A (Blue colour code) 10.2 x 26mm
20A (Yellow colour code) 10.32 x 26mm
30A (Red colour code) 21.7 x 29mm
45A (Green colour code) 16.67 x 35mm

Note: While these fuses are supplied and quality approvoved by Zexum, manufacturer branding of product may vary slighty though specifications remain similar if not identical.